How can I get better results from my website?

Your website is one of the main pieces of your digital marketing strategy. 

Here’s a few things to keep in mind to get the best results and grow your business ?

Make sure your website is mobile friendly

A huge number of internet users access the web on mobile devices, so a website that looks great on desktop, but is difficult or clunky to navigate on a phone won’t cut it.

Make sure any key pieces of information and calls to action appear on screen without the need for endless scrolling and the site loads fast on mobile.

Keep your website updated with fresh, relevant content

Regularly publishing content can help improve your search engine rankings, keep visitors engaged, and position you as the expert.

It also gives you the opportunity to attract potential customers at different stages of their buying journey.

Not everyone will be ready to buy when they find your content, so it’s important to meet them where they’re at and make it easy to contact you.

Don’t forget about the user experience

Make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for, and ensure that your website is fast and reliable.

Have someone outside your business go through your website on mobile and desktop and find sticking points or other things that could be making it hard for people to use.

A website isn’t something you build and leave waiting on the web hoping people will flock to it.

They need regular and consistent updating and care.

Keep these tips in mind, and over time, even if it’s one small change a week, you can make sure your website is a valuable tool for your business.

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