Why you should start with WHY

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Thinking about why you do what you do every day is crucial for building a strong and meaningful business and life. Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why” emphasises the importance of understanding your “why” as the foundation of a successful and fulfilling business. Asking “why” will help you make better decisions, create a unique brand, […]

Common misconceptions when hiring a service provider

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A big misconception when hiring a service provider, web developer, graphic designer, or really any service provider, is they will figure everything out for you, do all the work, and deliver the end result on a silver platter. One major part of our job is to provide support and accountability to help you get where […]

Why you should invest in marketing your business during a recession

Why you should invest in marketing your business during a recession

Feedback from my clients lately is that business has been a little slower than usual and they would like to cut costs. With the cost of living and doing business going up for many, it can be tough to decide what expenses to prioritise and what to cut. Here are 5 reasons why now is […]

Which website builder platform should I use?

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Talking to clients and business owners, I’ve noticed some people spend a lot of time worrying about the wrong details at the wrong time. If any of these are at the expense of your products or services getting out into the world and making sales, then they shouldn’t be the priority. I’ve done all these […]

7 ways to improve your business online

7 ways to improve your business credibility online

Boosting the credibility of your business is a huge area so many don’t think about because it’s hard to measure and is mostly intangible, but it’s so important. A human interacting with your business online will subconsciously judge you and your business in a split second which could mean the difference between a new enquiry, […]